Ken Smith, CTS Lighthouse Preservation

There are only 30 remaining lighthouses left standing in Florida, some as much as 100 to 150 years old, most in desperate condition.  About a third are restored and open to the public for climbing -- and it is a thrill to climb lighthouses -- they are living history.  In fact, the history of Florida is locked to maritime heritage of the state.  My grandffather, Earl Head, would have known intimately the lights at Anclote Key, Cedar Key, St. Mark, St. George Island Crooked River, Egmont Key and other as he spent his life fishing the water of the Gulf Coast.  Dede loves lighthouse, and I love history, so climbing lighthouses and being active in preservation efforts is a wonderful way we spend our time together.


For more information about the lighthouses of Florida,

click to visit the Florida Lighthouse Association web site.

For more information about lighthouses of the world,

click to visit the US Lighthouses Society web site.

Our first climb together

Ponce Inlet


Grand Bahamas

Cape San Blas Lens Historic Lens

St. Augustine - one of our favorites

Cape Hatteras, NC

America's tallest


From the top of

Cape Hatteras

Ken Smith, CTS Lighthouse Preservation
Ken Smith, CTS Lighthouse Preservation
Ken Smith, CTS Lighthouse Preservation