Ken Smith, CTS Who Is Ken?

I am what is known as a "Florida Cracker."  My ancestors were pioneers.  They came to Central Florida from Georgia and Alabama in the 1850's.  They were farmers, fishermen and railroad builders.


Orlando is my home town.  Before Disney there were miles of orange trees and lots of free spaces.  Today, there are more opportunities than ever.


My first "break" in show business was when I was hired to be a camera operator for a live morning show at a network station in Tampa.  I also freelanced for Hughes Sports Network, ABC, CBS, Detroit Tigers TV, Baltimore Colts TV and others.


In 1984 I went full-time freelance and never looked back until the opportunity arose to join PSAV.


My "alter ego" is as a musician.  Dede, my wife, and I sing together, I play drums and play the guitar.


We also love spending time with my daughter and grandkids in North Carolina at the family cabin located in the mountains.


One of my favorite quotes is by an English author, poet, art critic and social thinker, John Ruskin, who 170 years ago wrote, "There is hardly anything in the world that some men cannot make a little worse and sell a little cheaper, and the people who consider price only are the man's lawful prey."

Port St. Joe Florida

Savannah Georgia

South Carolina

Railroad Museum

on the front of a

train locomotive

North Carolina Mountains

Ken, Dede, Thea and grand kids in North Carolina


Van Smith

Florida Railroad Builder

Great Grandfather

Turner Smith

Colb's Artilery CSA



Lindsay Coats



Earl Head

Florida Fisherman


Mattie Head

at age 18

My parents

Winston & Lucille

Smith - honeymoon

Ken Smith, CTS Who Is Ken?
Ken Smith, CTS Who Is Ken?
Ken Smith, CTS Who Is Ken?
Ken Smith, CTS Who Is Ken?